What Makes an Awesome Product Photo

If your product is not selling online as you expected, this could be due to the photographs you use. Aside from investing in business portraits near me, you want to use high-quality product photos. The product photos you post online leave an impression on those who see them and using quality photos will ensure you leave a positive impression. Keep in mind that your customers cannot touch, feel, or experience your product and would expect your product photos to be accurate. High-quality photos will convey this message better than product descriptions. To take quality photos for your online business, you need to be aware of what makes up a great photo. Below are the elements to keep in mind:

The Featured Product

When taking photos of your product, ensure you use an unopened and unused product. To improve the appeal of the product, it can be necessary to take several photos of it. In some cases, it is best to bring out some details of the product to make the images more interesting. Well-photographed details can certainly improve the overall impression of quality.

How the Elements are Structured in a Photo

For instance, the object can be structured in relation to the background.  Good composition makes a photo feel balanced and harmonious. Often, this can be achieved by spreading the elements evenly around the photo rather than piling them up into one part. The rule of third is probably the most used guideline for composing photos. In this rule, the elements are surrounded along the thirds of the photo. This can be carried out by dividing the photo mentally by two horizontal and two vertical lines into 9 parts of equal size.


Factors such as the product’s shape and quality, photography venue, and the camera affect the choice of angle. Usually, it is best to try many different angles to determine the best one. Traditionally, a product is photographed from the front on a slightly downward looking angle. This allows even one photo to show many sides of the product and creates tridimensionality.

Photo Content

A traditional white background can make the product stand out. The photo will not have any distracting elements. Also, this allows the object to be focused and ensures the lighting is great. But, to improve the viewer’s interest, it is a great idea to change the background material. While this can be done in a home studio, taking photos in a new environment can create an impression that goes beyond simple product presentation.