Guide 101: Basic Aspects For Designing A Photography Website!

Websites that rely extensively on visual content are often hard to design. In that context, designing an impressive photography website can be confusing. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, you should consider having a personal website, so as to gain online exposure and expand your brand. in this post, we are sharing the basic aspects that matter for creating websites for this niche.

Start with the nerdy stuff

If you check online for how to build a website, you will find plenty of tips and suggestions, but it all starts with selecting a domain name. Domain is what people will type while looking for your website, and it has to be specific and relevant. You can select a name related to photography or can choose a personal brand name, but ensure that its easy to type and remember.

The next aspect that matters is the hosting. Web hosting providers have all sorts of shared and dedicated hosting plans, and for the first year, you can go for a basic one, as long as the provider offers 99.9% uptime, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can check with BlueHost for a few options.

As for the content management system and website builders, there are quite a few choices, but the best ones include WordPress, Weebly and Wix. WordPress is the most preferred one for photography sites, because it is easier to manage and update content, and you will have a plethora of plug-ins at disposal.

Decoding the design

Never opt for a theme that doesn’t resemble or match the photography niche. The best photography sites don’t have heavy templates. Instead, the design is simple and minimal, so that the photos garner attention. If you are using ready templates, we recommend that you check beyond the free ones. Paid templates are still cheaper than hiring a website, and you will find many design ideas, depending on the purpose of the website. Keep the colors light and subdued, and a white/light background may work better for highlighting photography traits.

Do include important information

Your photography site should have a contact page, a special bio, and a portfolio of your best work. People may not always remember all the photos that you post, but they will remember your name, and that’s how new photographers become internet sensations. If you are selling services and packages, make sure that all the details are mentioned on the website.

For templates and themes on photography, sign up with WordPress, Wix, or Weebly now!