7 Tips for Hiring a Photographer in Dubai

If you’re living in Dubai, you’re probably familiar with some of the top tourist destinations that people love to visit and take pictures and post on their social media accounts just because the view is breathtaking or it’s the perfect backdrop for what they’re posting about. Getting your pictures taken by a professional photographer in Dubai is a must, especially if it’s for a special event. Investing in the services of a pro is something you will not regret because the final product will surely make you feel proud and share it with your family and friends.

Got an event coming up? Here are some tips to help you find the best photographer to work with:

  1. Start your search online. One of the best ways a photographer can showcase their talent is through their website. It’s the best place to put all their samples and entice customers. If you want to see samples of photographers you want to hire, check out their websites. You can probably see the quality of the photos they take or what events they cover. You can also read more about the company or the photographer on there and learn about their expertise or their experiences as well as other details. It’s great if they have reviews from previous clients because you’ll have an idea of how they deal with their clients.
  2. Ask for recommendations. The best people to ask for recommendations are your family and friends. Ask who they’ve worked with and the quality of the photos they produce. Their honest reviews will help you create a list of who the best photographers to consider since they have firsthand experience working with them. When asking for reviews, ask about the photographer’s way of communicating with their clients, how they were able to deliver their promise, and the quality of photos they produced. Also, ask if they offered any special offers that you can take advantage of too.
  3. Check out portfolios. One of the best ways to judge a photographer’s work is through his portfolio; therefore, you shouldn’t miss doing this step. If they have a website, then it’s the first place you can visit to check out their work. Some photographers share their work through their social media accounts. It’s another good place to check out because you’ll be able to see what other people are saying about their work too. If it’s time to meet up, then definitely check out their sample work in person. It’s a good idea to check on sample photos they’ve taken that are similar to the event you’re about to celebrate.
  4. Hire based on specialty. Most photographers can shoot any kind of photo or event, but a lot of them have expertise too – either portraits, product photos, real estate shots, wedding pictures, corporate images, and much more. If you want the best pictures for your event, then choose someone who specializes in that field. Professional photographers use different gadgets and accessories during their shoots, and if you hire someone who specializes in the event you’re celebrating, then you’ll most likely get the perfect shot with the right lighting, contrast, etc.
  5. Set your budget. With all the costs you’re going to pay for a special event, you’ll need to be as smart as you can be when it comes to budgeting. You need to set a budget for everything, and that includes your photographer. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’ve got enough, you need to be upfront with your photographer about it. They might offer you various packages that would fit your budget, or they can customize their services too according to how much you can pay them. Don’t be shy about discussing different payment options if they are presented to you.
  6. Do the interview. After doing your research and asking for recommendations, you’ve probably chosen your top three photographers. The next thing to do is to schedule an interview for each of them. Before doing so, remember to list down all the important things you need to discuss with them. You should also list down all the questions you want to ask and assess them based on their responses. Some sample questions to ask – how many years have they been in the field, will they be working with a team, what kind of equipment do they use, are they available for the dates, and will they provide a contract?
  7. Choose the right fit. Once you’ve done the interview, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what your photographer’s personality is. Do you think you’re a good fit? Will you feel comfortable working with them? Do you think you’d be able to relay what you’re feeling without them ignoring or contradicting you? The best person to hire is the one who you think you can act freely and yourself during the shoot. So, choose the one who will not only deliver great results but will also make your experience enjoyable.