Tips on How to Take the Best Head Shots

Headshots are simple but they actually capture the entire mood of the image, as the face is the first place you’ll look since its multitude of expressions determines the outcome of a photo. You use headshots to apply for a job and you might also need one when you are already a part of any organization to serve as your official ID. Models that are searching for a gig would also need headshots for the designer to assess, so remember these tips to acquire the best shot.

Match the photo to your brand

You need to think about the purpose of the headshot. If you are applying for a job, you need to have a professional-looking photo and if you want to become a model as well, you need a headshot facing the camera and another profile shot. You want your personality to be on display when getting your headshot taken, as this is going to be your first impression on your potential employer.

Use natural lighting

Proper lighting is essential to take the best photos. You can either have natural lighting from the sun at certain times of the day (such as golden hour) or look to get a professional lighting setup. Either way, it doesn’t matter which as long as the picture captures your best look.

Use the right backdrop

A black backdrop is usually the safest option since it allows all the attention to focus on you. However, if you are using the photo for submission to government offices you might have to ask about the required backdrop color. You can be creative if there are no strict requirements, as long as the backdrop does not take the attention away from you.

Be careful in using accessories

If possible, do not wear accessories. You need to be as simple as possible on your headshot. Ladies can wear light makeup unless told not to wear one, and let go of the thought of dangling earrings or distracting necklaces. Again, the focus is on your face and not on anything else.

Choose the right outfit

For corporate headshots, you need an outfit that you would wear if you are meeting a client. You can wear a suit or tuxedo for a formal look, but models usually have to wear a plain black shirt to highlight the face and prevent any other distraction.

Avoid getting a haircut right before the shoot

Do not get a haircut a night before your photo shoot, as if you want to trim your hair you can do it weeks before instead as newly cut hairs usually look awkward in photos, especially when taken up close.

Keep a mirror on hand

You can quickly check if everything is still okay by holding a mirror, as it will not be a part of the photo shoot anyway so that’s okay. And obviously, keep the mirror down once the photographer starts shooting to avoid reflection and distortion of your shots.

Maintain proper posture

Your posture shows your confidence. If you slouch on your photo, it might tell the person looking at it that you do not feel too confident of yourself which could completely change the outcome of your application, so sit back and relax. It’ll not take much time to finish this shoot, so you can hold your posture just for this little while.

Get the best photographer

If you need the photo for a job application, you need the best picture out there so make sure to hire quality photographers like Mike Sansone since you do not want to settle for anything less. Remember these tips in taking a headshot, and you will look stunning every time.